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Streamlining SaaS and Inventory Management at Coconala Co.

Coconala Co., Ltd. is a provider of a unique skill-matching platform, allowing people to buy and sell skills, knowledge, and experience. With their listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (now the Growth Market) in 2021 and subsequent sales expansion, improving the efficiency of employee SaaS account management became crucial…

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How Anker Group Slashed Costs by 75% with JOSYS

Anker Group, a global hardware manufacturer, faced challenges in managing thousands of devices including PCs, smartphones, and monitors. With nearly 10 new hires each month and a rapidly expanding organization, the limited in-house IT staff struggled to keep up with tasks like procurement, kitting, and account management, leading to a pressing need for improved…

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Dely Co. Logo

How Dely Co. Streamlined IT Operations and Reduced Time Spent by 80% with Josys

Dely Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese company that has developed Kurasil, the No. 1 recipe video platform in Japan, faced an urgent issue of improving the efficiency of complex information systems.

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Customer Testimonials

We are impressed with Josys’ efficiency in managing SaaS accounts and IT devices. The automation and visibility it provided cut our man-hours in half and allowed us to save approximately 720,000 yen annually. Josys has significantly contributed to making our security management easier and more efficient.


 Ishiura & Kawasaki


Josys has been a game-changer for us. With their solution, we’ve made system management transparent and intuitive, reducing our explanatory overhead. Their integrated approach to kitting and device ledger management has been invaluable. Outsourcing to Josys has not only streamlined our operations but instilled confidence in our budgeting process.

Goto and Yamada


JOSYS transformed our operational efficiency at Anker Japan K.K., reducing costs by 75%. From procurement and kitting to SaaS management, their one-stop solution relieved our strained resources, allowing us to focus on areas like network security.

Photo of Mr. Takeuchi

Hiroaki Takeuchi

Anker Group

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