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Josys equips IT with 360° control over their SaaS applications and device inventory.

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Centralize Your SaaS Management 

Discover and visualize SaaS apps, streamline all provisioning operations and conquer Shadow IT.

Optimize Your SaaS Spend

Gain valuable insights into SaaS expenditure and optimize where it counts.

Device Management LIfecycle

Effortless Device Management

Visualize devices, monitor statuses and manage lifecycle.

Seamless Device Procurement, Config and Delivery

Choose the right equipment and configurations for your team with ease, and streamline delivery logistics with utmost efficiency.

Simplify Device Procurement and Delivery
Effortlessly integrate your preferred apps and simplify your workflow

Elevate your productivity with a wide array of integrations

Select from a large catalog of popular SaaS integrations to drastically simplify your workflows.

SaaS Integrations

Customer Testimonials

We are impressed with Josys’ efficiency in managing SaaS accounts and IT devices. The automation and visibility it provided cut our man-hours in half and allowed us to save approximately 720,000 yen annually. Josys has significantly contributed to making our security management easier and more efficient.


 Ishiura & Kawasaki


Josys has been a game-changer for us. With their solution, we’ve made system management transparent and intuitive, reducing our explanatory overhead. Their integrated approach to kitting and device ledger management has been invaluable.

Goto and Yamada

 Dely Co.

JOSYS transformed our operational efficiency at Anker Japan K.K., reducing costs by 75%. From procurement and kitting to SaaS management, their one-stop solution relieved our strained resources, allowing us to focus on areas like network security.

Photo of Mr. Takeuchi

Hiroaki Takeuchi

Anker Group

Radically simplify your SaaS and Device Management with Josys